Monday, 14 July 2014

A speed bump in the Adventure!

We left our first WWOOF over 2 weeks ago! We do miss it and had a really awesome time learning! We can not thank the Taylor's enough for the great experience we had!

We learnt a lot about ourselves, our family, our relationship and much more in our first full month on the road. Our adventure has come to a bid of a stand still and we are still in Ontario and have been since July 1st.

You must always expect the unexpected when it comes to a "on the road" lifestyle. I did not however expect the unexpected to happen so soon!  On our way to Ottawa Ontario  a Tire blew on the RV. Not a big deal we thought ...we were soooo wrong. Small town on a Sunday night of a long weekend, nobody could help us no matter how hard we tried, so we drove a very short while on the flat until we came across a KOA camp ground (Thank goodness!!) When we got there we were tired, hot, and extremely stressed as we had no idea when a garage would be opening. After a good nights sleep, we re-grouped and started looking for a place to fix our flat. Luckily there was one right up the road, but was closed until after the long weekend! We were stuck at the camp ground for 2 days, but we made the very best of our little situation and it turned out to be fun.
Currently we are in Ottawa camping out again, waiting to get yet another flat tire fixed!  This one blew on the way out of Ottawa - this time we had no spare and because our camper is a little on the older side they no longer make the tire size we need,(ahhh!) so we need to change all the back tires to a new size and it takes awhile to order the rims in, Ironically the rims need to be ordered from Nova Scotia!  Currently we are looking for a WWOOF out where we are so that we can keep busy and make our time here in Ottawa worth it! I am not sure as to when we will be up and on the road again, but we really hope it's soon!

Overall it has been fun and well worth the added stress!

Thank you for reading and keeping up with our journey!

Here are some photos of us on the farm and some of us camping out

my daughter is way more brave then me!

yes... pigs do fly! 

Me and Ozzie chilling in the hammock 

first time seeing a fish up close
our "after" we painted up our RV you can see the b4 here - before

one of our blown tires 
enjoying the splash pad at the camp ground 
our little famjam! (the doggies just don't sit long enough for a picture LOL)

Terri The camping cook

Saturday, 21 June 2014

R.I.P Cowgirl!

We had our week of training and now have been watching the farm for our wwoof host, while they are in British Colombia on a 2 week family vacation. Week one alone is just coming to an end and what a crazy week it has been! Our first day went well...we thought until we woke up the next day and found all three of the goats had gotten lose and were all tangled up by the house front door in the pouring rain - We also saved two little black birds that were trapped in the wood stove that day too! Day two we woke up to two dead father hens(picture of what a father hen is below in case you didn't already know!) for some odd reason we think diddy their little dog had gotten to them as they were found in the barn were the dogs sleep at night...Day three there was a tornado warning and in the middle of all that the rabbit got lose and we had to chase it all over the yard! Day four was a happy day, as a calf was born, Mommy cows udders are really enlarged so we may have to bottle feed this little guy - We named him Indiana. Yesterday we woke up to a dead cow! We could not believe it! although it was no fault of ours it still didn't feel very good as we promised we would not kill any animals! LOL! Luckily we had some help with all this cow stuff from our hosts' friend who is the "cow guy"! We could not be more happy that he was only a phone call away. We waited a very long time for the dead livestock guy to come and had MANY kind people stop to let us know we had a dead cow smack dab in the middle of the field. The guy who came to get the poor girl said he thinks she passed away from complication during trying to birth! :(

Please keep in mind we have never farmed in our life so this experience has been crazy, but amazing! We still have one week left and I really hope everything stays breathing! 

Cheers for now!

Terri Saving the little birdies stuck in the wood stove

Yes one did get away on us, but we eventually got him outside 

father hen- about the size of a pigeon 

baby calf's first steps! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Our First WWOOFing

Hello All!
It has been really busy learning all there is to learn about farm life! We have been here in Cannington Ontario for about a week now. Although I have to say we are a little out of shape for farm life it seems to be jump starting our "getting active" pledge! I do love it though! The farm has chickens,cows,pigs,goats ext. and a really wonderful host family. They have been kind and I am sure very patient with us as we learn and a adjust to a different type of life style.We have learned a lot and  One thing I have learned is I am afraid of chickens!!! When I saw how they get when you take their eggs, I just couldn't do it. So Terri has taken over that chore for now :) All in all it seems to be going well! The RV is good, but has taken a bit of getting used to. When you have lived in houses your whole life down sizing to a RV is a HUGE adjustment.

Hope everyone is doing well ---- we will update again very soon in the mean time here are some photos from the past week!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ready,Set...Let go!

It's been a crazy week or so getting everything ready for our first little adventure. We are hoping to be hitting the road officially on June 5th! We are equal parts excited and nervous!
I wanted to do a post on letting go of things that you accumulate over time, things that you never think you will sell or say good bye to, or things you don't think you have "to much" of. I thought we lived pretty simply, but we have a lot of stuff that we held on to for no real reason just because we could. Letting go of those things was very hard! I had some how grown attached to these "things" and it was sad to see them go. I had to tell my inner self that they are just "things" after all and I don't really need all of it. Cutting things in half like baby clothes was hard too because they are so darn cute you want to keep them all! It is not all sad it is refreshing at the same time. You realize what means the most to you and what was just there "because it could be"
 We are now at the last of what we need to sell and we are excited to get our little RV rolling!! We updated our RV a little as the wall to wall wood panels was a bit much and since we have to live in it we decided to brighten it up a little! Pictures to come VERY soon!! (This weekend we will be all done! YAY)

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 19 May 2014

We bought our first "home"

After a long search we have finally found the perfect motor home for us! we are excited to get on the move!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Our very first blog post! YAY!

Helloooo world!

We are about to embark on a journey of a life time, at the moment we are selling all of our worldly possessions and saving all we can so that we can buy a motor home and travel! Travel where? Well in Canada to start, but then on to the world, did I mention we are a family 4? Why are we doing this? Life is way to short! we are in our 30's and have yet to step foot into another province or country. we also want to change our life style by getting active and healthy and what better way do so! We are just tired of the typical cookie cutter life. We want more for ourselves and our little family. we want to DO & SEE. How will we do it? We are going to wwoof a lot at first as we are not wealthy or had a house to sell so our savings is small, but there for us if we need it.
It has not been an easy decision, your family always wants what they feel is best for you and sometimes they don't see beyond the box, it scares them in away. So it has been stressful dealing with family members who don't really "get" what we are doing, and that's ok they will come to terms in their own time.
For now we are on the hunt for the perfect motor home (used) for us so we can start on our epic adventure!!

We hope you will continue to follow us on our journey!